Human Line

    Seek a Better Quality of Life

    Seek a Better Quality of Life

    See if electrical muscle stimulation is right for you. We are based in Parsippany, NJ and serve all surrounding areas.

    You've tried many things to help take care of your body. If you're looking for a therapy product, Eleven Onze in Parsippany, NJ carries the BEMER. This line of devices uses a low-intensity electromagnetic pulse to benefit and stimulate the body.

    There are many potential benefits to BEMER. Electrical muscle stimulation may help your:

    • Sleep
    • Mobility
    • Circulation
    • Blood flow
    • Metabolism
    Additionally, it may benefit your body by increasing your oxygen and nutrient supply. We sell BEMER sets and packs, handheld devices, applicators and accessories. Contact us now for more information on these electrical muscle stimulation devices.

    Equine Line

    Benefits for your four-legged loved one

    Vascular therapy for horses is another popular use of the BEMER line. Equestrian BEMER products can benefit horses by:

    • Refreshing their body after an illness or competition
    • Boosting recovery from injuries or relaxing muscle tension
    • Increasing relaxation while benefiting exercise and performance
    You can take care of your horse's body the same way you care for your own. Reach out to us today for more information on vascular therapy for horses.